Levo-menthol is the offspring of Menthol. Hence, it is a laboratory-made version and has enormous use in medicines and medicinal products.
It is an unrefined component. Thus, it is processed synthetically and obtained mainly from corn mint oils. Levo-Menthol has gentle cooling properties. Therefore, it also has its use as a decongestant. It helps to soothe the cough and makes easy clogging.

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Recommendation for Levo-Menthol

  • Levo-Menthol is a nontoxic innate product of mint. Thus, people use it for skin problems.
  • It is an organic component, and due to its cooling effect, it is used as the main ingredient of a 4head sticks treatment that helps reduce headaches. 
  • Levo-Menthol has different uses on medicines as well. However, the product, people should not use for below 12 years age group.

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