Herbal Extract is a herbal fluid that takes out from herbs and is mixed with alcohol. Our company, Silver line Chemicals, is maintaining number one position as a manufacturer of the Herbal Extracts in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh.

However, we have a vast laboratory, and we process the whole method under experts’ supervision. At first, the dehydrated or new herbs are combined with alcohol. Then we separate the solid matter or residue from the solution. After that, only we remove the residue-free oils from the herbs. Thus, the oil has mixed with alcohol and is usable further.

Utilizations of Herbal Extract

  • Herbal Extract is globally known for its health benefits. The extracts are filled with antioxidants like polyphenols. Hence, it has several positive activities in the human body.

  • However, it’s always better to add the liquid Herbal Extract to your food and beverages in limited quantity. It helps to increase your immunization. Moreover, it’s easy to digest and has versatile characteristics.

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