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Linseed Oil

Foremost Linseed Oil Manufacturers

Your search for one of the noted Linseed Oil Manufacturers in India will be satisfied with Silverline Chemicals. Being extracted from the ground and pressed flax seeds, Linseed Oil, also named Flaxseed Oil, possesses endless health, skin and hair benefits. The concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in the oil makes it healthy for supporting cardiovascular, immune and respiratory health. Due to the health characteristics that this Linseed Essential Oil possesses, it is used in bulk for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care and Aromatherapies.

Pure Flaxseed Oil is unadulterated and comes in safe and standard packaging. Our experts supervise processing, testing and packaging to ensure that clients get uncompromised quality at wholesale rates.

Botanical Name: Linum usitatissimum

Potential Benefits Of Linseed Oil:

  • Organic Linseed Oil has good health healing properties that prevent the growth of cancer cells and ensure the good health of your heart.
  • Effective in treating constipation and diarrhoea and keeping your overall health in check.
  • Processed Linseed Oil can reduce inflammation and is beneficial for several skin problems.
  • Thanks to the laxative properties in Organic Linseed Oil, it effectively promotes gut health and aids in healthy weight loss.
  • Moreover, it can reduce menopause symptoms and keep you in good health.
  • Linseed Oils add to your bones health and cure several conditions like a sore throat, cough and cold.

Different Uses Of Linseed Oil In Different Industries:

  • Pharmaceutical: It is used for making medicines that are made for targeting muscle pain and acute joint pain.
  • Food: Natural Linseed Oil also comes in edible grade that can be used for making dietary supplements and for enhancing the flavour, fragrance, nutrient value, effectiveness and characteristics of different recipes.
  • Skincare: It has properties that keep your skin hydrated and nourished while improving barrier functions and reducing sensitivity.
  • Hair Care: Due to the presence of Vitamin E in Linseed Oil, it helps treat hair loss while stimulating new hair growth. It is used for making hair oil, shampoos, hair masks, serums and more such products.


  • To be safe, it is recommended to take expert advice before using it.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before indulging it in their life.

Where To Buy Linseed Oil Online?

We’ve got you covered. Our name is highly acknowledged among Organic Linseed Oil Suppliers and Exporters from India. Being the masters of the trade, we incorporate exceptional resources to manufacture Essential Oils and meet your bulk orders within a promised time frame. Dial our number for a quick discussion with our executives.

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