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D Limonene Oil

Dependable D Limonene Oil Manufacturers

Silverline Chemicals – one of the determined D Limonene Oil Manufacturers in India has a product portfolio that includes Mint Products, Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts. You can consider us to buy D Limonene Oil in bulk. Derived from the peels of citrus fruits via hydro distillation process, Pure D-Limonene serves extensively as a flavoring agent in Food, Beverage, Confectionary and Medicines. Besides flavoring and fragrance, this oil is also recognized for possessing endless health benefits that make it ideal for fighting against different concerns.

We extract Natural D Limonene Oil indulging rich expertise and excellent resources that help us cater to different industries. It has colourless to pale yellow colour depending on the processing and is known for its use in cosmetic, perfumery and personal care applications. These are processed without chemicals and are available in different grades and quantities.

Benefits Of D Limonene Oils:

  • Possess components that effectively fight cancer and ulcers.
  • Organic D Limonene Oil can burn fat faster, reduce inflammation and serve many health benefits.
  • Used extensively for making chemical solvents, hand sanitizer, pesticides and perfumes.
  • Due to their ability to elevate mood and reduce stress and anxiety, D Limonene Essential Oil is also gets used in different aromatherapies.
  • The D-Limonene is obtained majorly from lemons, limes, orange peels and other such citrus fruits.
  • Natural D Limonene Oil also has some properties, helping manage digestive discomfort.

Uses Of D Limonene Oil:

  • Used as a flavoring agent in soft drinks, fruit juices and other beverages.
  • Used in baked goods, ice creams, puddings and other food items for enhancing flavor.
  • Used for making dietary supplements and other nutritional products.
  • Used in making medicines for different health concerns effectively.
  • Used in skin care and cosmetic products to benefit skin against inflammation and other problems.
  • Used in aromatherapies for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, common headache and migraine.

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